The 7 mhz band has always interested me mostly due to  it's consistent propagation characteristics. You can usually find 40 meters open to some place in the country or world.  It's where I enjoy experimenting with antennas the most.  Antennas for 40M are or managable size and anyone can get something to radiate from even the smallest piece of real estate. 

The Double Delta Loop Array was 2012 experiment. It was a solid performer especially for stations down under. I kept almost daily skeds with my long time friends VK3RP and ZL1BVB. The antenna also has a lobe to Europe and made many contacts with my good friends CT1ZQ , EI6AK, F6ACD.

2010 - I installed this 3 Element  with switchable driver/ reflector arrangment with a director to the South West. By switching in the extra length of coax I could change the driven element to a reflector.  I never plotted the pattern but it was very dramatic when switching directions. 

Photo of a 2 element Delta Loop.  A driven element and a director. This is also one half of my colinear delta array I am currently using.  I am blessed with big oak trees perfectly spaced for this antenna. I guess I owe the squirrels who roamed this hill top years ago for burying their acorns in the right spot.

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