The photo below was taken in 1979.  The QTH was Bridgeport,CT.  On a postage stamp sized lot I managed to install a 40' tower with a Wilson System 3 tri-bander, Inverted Vee for 40M, a pair of phased verticals for 40M and a Hustler 5BTV mounted on a page link fence that interconnected several neighbors yard.  What a great ground plane.  The Collins S Line was acquired from my Elmer W2FU. The 32S-3A was on loan while I awaited the arrival of my own 32S3.

The S Line pictured here was the same Collins 75S3 and 30L-1 amp pictured above back in 1979.  I sold this S Line to a local ham and purchased a new digital transceiver. In 2005 I found out the S Line was still in the area and I purchased it back, forever to stay in my shack. 

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